Happy Hug Day

Happy Hug Day-Have you ever had a hug be it hot or maybe not?

Happy Hug Day
Happy Hug Day

So whom you are waiting to hug in this special day? But before wishing you a very happy hug day let me tell you that what exactly a hug is. It is actually a form of physical intimacy where two or more persons put their arms around the neck, waist or back in order to hold each other closely.

The situation becomes comforting if the right person is hugging you and maybe for this very reason the word hug has its roots in the Old Norse word hugga meaning comfort. Hugs indicate familiarity, affection, love, fraternity, sympathy, friendship, consolation, support or emotional warmth. You can even hug your fluffy pets, teddies, dolls and they really ought to give you true comfort.

Happy Hug Day

Then what else can you do while hugging? Actually, that depends on the person engaged in this, location, and of course the mood.  You can probably kiss the person or shake your hands or pat on his or her back. An unexpected hug can come anytime but if you feel to reciprocate it then it is well and good otherwise the situation may give a sense of dislike as well as embarrassment.

So want to know that why do you feel comfortable when you are being hugged by the right person? Let me tell you that science also has a greater role to play over here. Oxytocin or “love hormone/drug” is released during a good hug that tends to calm the nervous system and enhances positive vibes within you that lowers the blood pressure, cortisol or “stress hormone”. Hugs can increase the social connectivity enabling we-feeling. Couples who hug often and for a longer duration are known to be truly bonded.

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Undoubtedly, we all love to get a hug from our near and dear ones. So this happy hug day, make yourself and others happier, healthier and spread more love in the air.



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